S & H Department

The Department of Humanities and Sciences has been functioning from the inception of the college. This department is backbone of the entire engineering education.  The department is expeditiously supporting the engineering departments by providing high quality training in Communication skills and science subjects. This department is a combination of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science faculty team. This department has highly qualified and motivated faculty that includes research scholars. 

Department of English:
The department is equipped with a rich collection of BBC recorded Audio and videos. The department is in receipt of a Lingua phone, which has 16 recorded audio cassettes with books prepared by EFL University (formerly CIEFL). A number of activities are being conducted in English Language Laboratory to enhance the competence of the students.
The English Language Laboratory has one dedicated server more than 60 systems that have been installed with the software namely “Globarena”. The software provides a teacher console separately, which helps to monitor the individual activities of all 60 students. It facilitates self learning and thereby promoting learner independence instilling confidence in students to acquire rich language abilities.  A modern sophisticated language laboratory enables the students to improve Language and Communication Skills, to perform well in GRE, TOEFL, GMAT and other competitive examinations. This multimedia lab installed with necessary software to improve their LSRW (Learning, Speaking, Reading and Writing,) skills. The department prepares students to excel in various competitions (both co-curricular and extracurricular) conducted by other institutions.

Department of Mathematics:
 Mathematics is the mother of scientific and engineering courses. Therefore special attention is paid for the development of basic mathematics skills required for technical curriculum. The teachers spot mathematical talents among the students and encourage them to take part in seminars, to develop problem solving skills and compete in various intercollegiate mathematical competitions.The department is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in advanced pure mathematics and also the mathematical logical foundations of computer science.  The department also trains engineering students in strong mathematical background to enhance and apply their skills to find solutions to their field specific problems.

Department of Chemistry:
The Chemistry department has a well equipped, more spacious and good ventilated laboratory. We provide individual chemical kit to each and every student. The curriculum imparts basic chemistry and knowledge in various fields. The Department is committed to impart quality scientific knowledge and develop necessary skills that will enable the students to successfully meet real world challenges.

Department of Physics:
The Physics Laboratory is spacious with special provisions for advanced level of experiments like laser, optical fibers and provides good exposure to students. While the students get hands – on training on these experiments, care is taken to strengthen their knowledge on basics. On the theoretical side, the curriculum imparts knowledge on applied Physics and Material Science. Physics is linked with the future progress of humankind and our students are prepared to be a part of it. It envisages motivating students to explore new areas of Science and Technology.

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